Nostalgic for the 1980s and fans of the fluorescent fun trend, we're relaunching the Megève and Cortina, two models that had a significant impact on Julbo's history. And you won't just be buying these sunglasses for you as a percentage of the profits will be given to the charity "Des yeux pour le monde" (Eyes for the World). Spectron

Julbo Vermont Mythic - 125 Year Anniversary Limited Edition, White (w/ Alti Arc 4 Lenses)

Born high in the mountains of Europe's eyewear capital, in the Jura Mountains of France, Julbo's origins date back to 1888 when company founder, Jules Baud, designed the first pair of protective eyewear for crystal hunters in the Alps. Since its inception, Julbo's passions for the mountains and outdoors drive the spirit and innovation of the mountaineer optics pioneer and leader in protective eyewear. As 2013 marks the family-owned business's 125th anniversary, Julbo celebrates its heritage of innovation from revolutionizing glacier glasses to creating the most protective children's eyewear collection and leading performance and travel collections with advanced lens technology. Drawing inspiration from upholding a trusted legacy, Julbo looks towards another 125 years of bringing outdoor enthusiasts the most technical and functional eyewear on the market. As an emblem of its 125th anniversary, Julbo is proud to release the limited edition Mythic Vermont glacier sunglasses. The classic style is complete with leather side-shields, curved and wrapping temples, round-shaped glass lens and special aesthetics to commemorate the milestone. Julbo's original Vermont glacier sunglasses were first introduced in the 1950's and marked the start of climbing's glory days, as mountaineers set out to conquer first ascents of the highest peaks with the gear and protective eyewear they needed. Over the last half-century mountain guides worldwide have endorsed the design while rock stars have embraced its style, making it a sought-after collector's item. The glass lens offers superior optical quality. It's highly scratch and shock resistant with anti-reflective, flash finish and burnishing coatings to eliminate glare and strengthen filtration. This lens is ideal for desert and high mountain environments. Product Feature Round-shaped glass lens Anti-reflective lens coating and flash finish to eliminate glare and strengthen filtration 7% visible light transmission rate Leather side-shields Ideal for desert and high mountain environments