Coghlan’s Expandable Camp Jug

Unique press and flow capability allows pouring in upright position. Strong polyethylene construction with a comfortable carry handle. Screw on cap with an On-Off spout. Capacity: 2 U.S. gal. (8 L)

Reliance Fold-A-Carrier

The original, and still finest quality collapsible water container on the market. The Fold-A-Carrier is a durable collapsible water container that is made from high-grade polyethylene. Even in extremely cold temperatures the Fold-A-Carrier remains flexible. The spigot design offers an integrated on/off feature and is completely leak-proof. The comfortable handle is attached via two sturdy metal clips and folds down, making the Fold-A-Carrier even more compact. Available in 2.5gal./10L and 5gal./20L sizes.